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It has been two weeks since we have received a pack of the new Baby Dry nappies by Pampers. I can assure you that a new standard of excellence has been achieved. Upon receipt of this intriguing innovation, I was sceptical at first. I mean air channels? In a nappy? Woah! All I could think was Poo-nami! (What this really means is that air is able to move freely inside the nappy and to baby’s bottom.)

None the less, I tore open the packet and was greeted by a gentle aroma, which I figured to be the slight fragrance of baby lotion, which helps protect babies skin from rashes. My next thought… It’s really lightweight! Intrigued further, I put this innovation to the test.



My experience has been nothing short of amazing! I mean it isn’t the first time I have made use of this well-known brand, both K and Rey were Pampers babies. With Makaira, things are a bit different. Many things in fact as no two babies or in my case three babies are the same. M has sensitive skin and was born much heavier than her siblings. Her skin issues made me reluctantly stick to a brand that she was introduced to at birth as I did not want to worsen her condition or harm her delicate skin.

Now that we had the opportunity to test the new design, that boasts every benefit that would aid her sensitivity I could not say no. Every Mum wants the best for their children.

With not one but two, air channels to ensure her bottoms are dry and less damp, and a dry-layer that absorbs wetness and keeps it away from her skin, I could not be happier. I have also noticed a drastic improvement in her behavior, owing to being less irritable and more dry. I am sold!

Add that to Micro Absorbent Pearls that are able to absorb thirty times of its own weight and help to lock away wetness for up to 12 hours … means I am able to sleep through what would have been the dreaded 1 am nappy change. Since M is dryer for longer, she is also able to have a peaceful sleep. Did I mention that it is also equipped with anti-leakage barriers? This provides a great fit and prevents leaks.



Our experience has exceeded my expectations and I sincerely hope that you will consider using the new Baby Dry. You can buy a pack for approximately R230 and look out for the new packaging with the bold AIR-CHANNELS logo. The name has changed from Active Baby Dry to Baby Dry and there is a slight change in the weight range, so do ensure you grab a pack that is ideal for your baby’s weight. The small sizes are equipped with a wetness indicator that turns blue when wet.


“Inspired by babies created by Pampers”


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