It’s Official



Thank you for dropping by. I have finally accomplished my task of joining the bloggersphere and I’m here on the interwebs! Yay!

This is my official website called ” Motherhood Matters” by Yummy Durban Mummy.


The last few weeks have been outrageous for me, as I have been spending many late nights glueing it all together.


Yes, everything you find on this site has been crafted by me and I am quite proud of myself. Though I have to admit that some chores had to be shirked on in order to bring this vision to life. I guess as long as my children are clean, fed, entertained and educated the rest can be put on hold for a bit. (Like the growing mountain of laundry.)


On this website you will find me sharing longer articles, activities, tips, tricks; basically, everything surrounding motherhood. Feel free to voice your concerns, ask questions or just enter all the cool competitions I have in store.

Do follow me on social media as that is where you will be able to catch up with the kids and I, on the daily.


If you are new here, I would like to say Hello and Welcome!

This is a parenting and lifestyle blog, with all topics surrounding motherhood, which is indeed a vast spectrum. I do hope you will be engrossed in all that I have to share.


For now, I have to warn you… I am addictive lol.

Please bear with me as you will find minor adjustments to this site as the days go by. There is still a slight chance of a work in progress.

You may find a typo or mistake, here or there, do let me know.

As the saying goes,



‘ Mistakes are proof that you are trying… ‘


Before we go any further there are a few people that I owe thanks to:


-To my children K, Rey & M for inspiring me daily and giving me the courage to put myself out there


-To Nadia @thenonadventuresofastayathomemum for encouraging me to venture on this journey,


-To Jacqui  @onemessymama for a nudge in the right direction, to get my official website and blog onto the interwebs,


– To Simone @themumblogsa for all her technical support, video calls and advice,


– To Amber @brandalchemyrsa for my gorgeous logo, support, encouragement and for turning all my media and documents into visual masterpieces,


-To my Mum & Dad, aunts, sisters, and nieces for allowing me to chew your ears off about my venture, even though it sounded french at times,


Ladies thank you very much. Each of you has been an important part of bringing this all to life and I thank you, very much.


Last but not least, I would like to thank my husband and my cusband,



(lol that is a made up word, by the way, it’s my cousin husband, a blog post for another day)


for holding my hand through it all, for dealing with my rants, for babysitting, for calming me, for seeing to meals, for forcing me to get some shut eye, for ensuring I get out of the house, to stop and smell the roses… Guys, you two are very important to me and I love you very much.


The last thank you goes to Tristen @trinico for being an amazing soul who responded swiftly to my every query and complaint.


Ok, Ok I know I’m not at the Grammy’s, I’ll stop now… though my last thank you, the most important of them all…


To you…



Thank you, for taking the time to read this post and for joining me on my journey of ” Motherhood Matters “ , I am sure that we will get along just fine.



Much Love





‘ Good company on a journey, makes the way seem short… ‘



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